hurricane flagMaintenance Packages

Upon installation of awnings or hurricane shutters, we provide our customers with warranty information as well as cleaning and maintenance instructions. Prior to the beginning of hurricane season -- June 1st through November 30th -- it is especially important to have hurricane protection shutters tested, cleaned and lubricated. We offer service packages to do just that -- a marvelous convenience for part-time residents, and all who desire the peace of mind that such a service can provide. Contact our office for options and pricing.


Awning Canvas Repairs


Yes! -- we can repair your canvas awning! Whether it's been damaged by a storm, tattered by the wind, pierced by a firecracker, invaded by hornets, or chewed by squirrels, our experienced sewing team can revitalize and extend the life of most awnings. Sometimes we see canvas awnings past their prime, more costly to repair than to replace. In such cases, we'll give you a free estimate for a new cover. We're happy to repair and replace awning covers even if they were purchased elsewhere.